We provide a discrete service in our False Creek office,  steering you to take either the first steps, or reinforce existing efforts to move past addictions. Our clients include senior professionals from many Vancouver businesses – not the classic addictions client. Many of our clients would not feel comfortable in a group setting and turn to Vancouver Psychotherapy to successfully and quietly move them past this troubling stage in their lives. We do so efficiently and with the minimum of disruption. During your treatment it is quite possible never to see another of our clients.

Some addictions are more damaging than others. Smoking, for example will kill you – though it may take 25 years to do so. Crystal meth can do it in one night. For some of our clients their use of a substance (or a behavior) may be simply something they are just not comfortable with – just a little too much alcohol, a little too often. We apply a relevant level of response to the particular issue you are working on.

Our experience in treating addiction and managing recovery is extensive. We have helped many clients ‘post rehab’, and others who have never needed the services of a centre for substance abuse. We can help you explore the options of what road ahead may be right for you.

We provide individually tailored programs to manage addiction, withdrawal and recovery. We have successfully worked with most narcotics, alcohol, gambling and other behavioural addictions. Our approach is to look at the root causes of the addiction and work on an inclusive approach to treatment. We treat the disease, not the symptoms. Our approach examines addiction from a wider perspective and results in substantially greater success than other treatment systems.

We use methods and techniques that have proven successful time after time. We have many satisfied clients – from 15 years old to 83 (and climbing). Please explore this website and learn more about what we do. Then contact us – we can help.

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